Imagine that…


February tenth and I still haven’t begun the series of posts I am planning for ‘Sermons’, though I have begun several other tasks that were much longer delayed so maybe that counts in the grand scheme of things or in the bigger picture or…

And these have been useful, even helpful tasks; in fact just this morning three comments from three different sources came together each reinforcing the other for good (in my mind at least).

First, I have been reading a new biography of C.S. Lewis (C.S.Lewis A Life: Eccentric Genius Reluctant Prophet by Alister McGrath) and I was struck there by the work of the Holy Spirit in ‘sanctifying’ Lewis’s imagination as a means of ‘seeing’ the truth of Christ.


Then today’s reading from Oswald Chambers’, ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ based on the text of Isaiah 40:26, ‘Lift up your eyes on high and behold who has created these things,’ pointed this out about imagination,

‘The people of God in Isaiah’s day had starved their imagination by looking on the face of idols, and Isaiah made them look up at the heavens; that is, he made them begin to use their imagination aright. Nature to a saint is sacramental. If we are children of God, we have a tremendous treasure in Nature. In every wind that blows, in every night and day of the year, in every sign  of the sky, in every blossoming and in every withering of the earth, there is a real coming of God to us if we will simply use our starved imagination to realize it.’

Christy Nockles

And finally, on my early walk this morning I was listening again to Christy Nockles’ song, ‘Into the Glorious’ and was struck by a phrase that I have probably heard dozens of times but today it connected in a new way, ‘My voice was made to fall on Holy ears’.

Now, the idea that our ‘chief end’ in Christ is to glorify God and enjoy him forever is not new to me, neither is the importance of prayer as living communication with God for not just our own daily good but for the good of others too. But, just today this phrase, this imaginative expression of the truth that we were made in all our parts to glorify God and that our voice, for example, finds its best fulfillment when it ‘falls on’ the ears of our gracious and loving heavenly Father was to me such a powerful reminder of the wonderful truth that we have been created with a purpose to fulfill and that it is a purpose that defies and survives the shallow satisfactions that we are so often inclined to make the purpose of our life in this tempting yet temporary world.

C.S.Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Christy Nockles and me; imagine that!