Spectators of suffering?

Pain coverWhether we are suffering ourselves or find ourselves in the position of being a spectator to the sufferings of others, our first thought, rightly, should be to find a way to end the hurt.
Unless we are a member of the healing professions our first thought should rarely, if ever, be to ask ourselves the whys of suffering, Why me? or, Why them? Of the three men who were spectators to suffering in Jesus’ story, a priest, a Levite and a Samaritan, all may have asked why they should help. Jesus commended the one who did help.This first of three brief posts on the theme of suffering comes from C S Lewis.

“…suffering is not good in itself. What is good in any painful experience is, for the sufferer, his submission to the will of God, and, for the spectators, the compassion aroused and the acts of mercy to which it leads.”

C S Lewis in The Problem of Pain



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