Smelling invisible roses?

Lewis Letters

Patience in a string of interminable disasters may seem impossible. Patience in the flow of ordinary things may seem too boring for words, especially when we have dreams of the extra-ordinary. This third brief post on the theme of patience comes from C.S.Lewis.

‘For him who is haunted by the smell of invisible roses the cure is work’ (MacDonald). If we feel we have talents that don’t find expression in our ordinary duties and recreations, I think we must just go on doing the ordinary things as well as we can. If God wants to use these suspected talents, He will: in His own time and way. At all costs one must keep clear of all the witchdoctors and their patent cures—as you say yourself.’

From The Collected Letters of C.S.Lewis, Volume III. 
(To Edward Lofstrom: on the need to do one’s duty while having patience with God.)
16 January 1959