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Lord from heaven book.

‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
look upon this little child.
Pity my simplicity,
and suffer me to come to Thee.’

My mother taught me this prayer when I was old enough to repeat it after her, and, with some basic explanation of terms, to accept it as true. Imagine me thinking, then, that I understood who Jesus is! Imagine it, even now, when Jesus has turned out to be so much more besides! This first of three brief posts on the theme of the power of Jesus’ personality comes from Dr. Leon Morris…

Leon Morris writes… “We can quite easily miss the impact of the personality of Jesus, taken up as we are with traditions of the ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild’ variety. It is true that Jesus manifested gentleness and meekness, but this is the compassion of the strong, and not the impotence of the weak.

“I think that many people have the impression that Jesus was rather negative, a quiet, withdrawing type of person, who told beautiful stories and did not retaliate when he was ill-treated. This is true in a way, but it gives a false impression. Jesus was dynamic. His was a personality that gripped men.

“…. Yes, Jesus was gigantic. There was nothing trite or commonplace about His words, and there was nothing colourless about His deeds. Consider the forcefulness of the personality of One who made a whip of small cords and single-handed drove the greedy traders out of the temple precincts (John 2:13 ff.) Or of One who so awed a crowd of excited Galileans, thirsting for His blood and about to hurl Him over a precipice, that He simply walked through the middle of the crowd and went on His way.”

From Leon Morris in The Lord From Heaven



‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Hebrews 13:8 

question mark
What was Jesus like, yesterday?

Who is he today?

Who will he be, forever?



John, a disciple of Jesus ‘then’, when he came to write an account of Jesus’ life, recalled seven occasions when Jesus described himself in unusual ways.
Seven times, Jesus said publicly, ‘I am…..’


People knew that the words ‘I am’, as Jesus used them carried the same weight as God’s description of himself to Moses from the burning bush. (Exodus 3:14) On that occasion, Moses asked who he should say was sending him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and God answered;
 ‘Tell them I AM has sent you.” 


“I AM their God and there is no other. I AM God and I will be God, for my people, forever.”

Jesus said, ‘I AM God’, in these seven ways…

  • In John chapter six, Jesus said, I am the bread of life
  • In chapter eight he said, I am the light of the world
  • In chapter ten; I am the door of the sheep and I am the good shepherd
  • In chapter eleven; I am the resurrection and the life
  • In chapter fourteen; I am the way, the truth and the life
  • In chapter fifteen; I am the vine

This is good news for us; Jesus, as God, came into the world to satisfy our needs.

As the bread of life, he sustains us.
As the light of the world, he enlightens us.
As the door of the sheep he is the entrance for us into the Kingdom of God.
As the good shepherd he cares for us and even lays down his life for us.
As the resurrection and the life he raises us to eternal life.
As the way, the truth and the life, he is way to God for us.
And as the vine, whose branches we become, he is the source of fruitful life for us.

Jesus is God for us